Abigail Leach


As a young creative, I increasingly am aware of how opportunities are only created by what you put in to your work and creating opportunities for yourself. The world we live in is a competitive hub of individuals wanting to achieve great success. After attending Manchester School of Art for 8 weeks and choosing to leave, I ventured into the world of Bespoke Tailoring. My choice to leave was for numerous reasons, but the main, was that I felt my creativity was being concentrated into a format that was to get the best grades and not to become a designer in my own right. Creating beautiful garments and designing for me was only achievable by understanding the sewing craft.


For two years I attended the Savile Row Academy, At Maurice Sedwell under the guidance of Andrew Ramproop and other talented tailors. While training I was asked to do a trouser apprenticeship along side my studies. For two years I lived, breathed and ate everything to do with this world. Numerous words can describe this experience, but a huge thing I learnt was patience. While training I interned for known Fashion designer and Tailor Joshua Kane, giving me an insight into the Fashion World of Tailoring and running a design house and the challenges you face. Over the past few years I’ve interned for several companies, such as Ozwald Boateng, Thom Sweeney, and as well struggled to find work throughout this time.


I want to share the world of a craft much under appreciated or recognised for its skill. Continue designing, sewing and of course experience so much that life has to offer.