90s retro style has been seeping back in to society for the last year. From the Spice girls iconic outfits, moonboots, and buffalos. One designer has gone a step further and done a collection with Polly Pocket. Is there anything better? Incapsulating all things from the youth of the 90s. Fresh Water and baroque pearls, silk satin, velvet ribbon and lace, to remind you of the jewellery you would wear playing dress up and racing your mums wardrobe. Calling out , as she said, to the women who are young at heart.


Dresses covered with graphic paintings, snippets of old movies and words that have influenced the designer. That stand out to her, and become and integral part of her designs. Her pieces feminine a

nd girly, but with an underlying twisted essence. Full of character and all things childlike. At just a glimpse, my brain rewires and taps into my memories and I go straight back to my youth. Clip on earrings I would wear as a child, and clip clop shoes, like jellys, with fake jewels and huge beads bigger than my face. Creating a box of pastel pieces ready for women to dive in and became there younger self again.

You can see how Old Vintage Hollywood glamour is influenced across her work, but in a unique way. A huge Influence  and main muse for the London based designer, is her Grandmother, a debutant back in the day, her truly epitomises all things glamorous and classic. She poke of her influence with magazine Dazed, saying she taught her to use humour within her work, as for her grandmother it was a coping mechanism. Her pieces now worn by stars such as Lana Del Ray and Adwoah Aboah are giving her huge status, and rightly so. You instantly know that, when you look at a dress, it is her design. She has created a signature brand that can only go up. Her pieces are to give confidence to women, to play a part. Just because you wear pink and frills does not make you weaker or less independent than if you wore trousers and a suit jacket. It is embracing a femininity that perhaps has been lost by making ourselves have a stronger role in society and compromising a natural allure as a women.