Ferdi has been a place I have longed to go, after publicity from several models and celebrities I investigated the menu, but saw it was only in Paris. But then visiting the website I was blessed with the knowledge that there was a Ferdi in the heart of Mayfair. From start to finish the experience was fantastic. Not like a normal restaurant, you have to text to make a reservation, which was an odd experience but made you feel very relaxed and welcome straight away.

The outside is small dark and classically french, and the inside full of character and decorated with old vintage toys and small Taxi car figurines. the dining space is intimate and fits no more than 22 guests at a time. The ‘Craving Menu’, as it was called, was full of so much choice as well as the drink options, Bespoke beer bottles with Playing card labels, and delicious wine. I knew exactly what I was ordering, the Ferdi Burger and Mac and Cheese is renowned and the most popular, so it was the only option. After much hype I was not disappointed. The burger size perfect, the meat beautifully cooked and full of melted cheese and a house sauce. The Mac and Cheese light but creamy and beyond stringy. Then dessert choices came, If I could I would have ordered everything, but the choice was Churros with a thick chocolate sauce with crunchy hazelnut inside. I left with a big grin and an even bigger food baby. I will be returning very soon.