Thanks to the wonder that is Instagram, I came across the beautiful and affluent designer that is Cecilie Bahnsen. Renowned model Caroline branch, had in my view, one of the most angelic and serene weddings with bridesmaids and herself all dressed in Cecilie Bahnsen, which completely added to the whole theme of there wedding. Keeping completely unison with the Copenhagen effortless and relaxed approach to style. Danish designer who has worked for Erdem, John Galliano and Christian Dior has showcased her unique style and creativity as well as true originality.


The Danish designer, base in Copenhagen, has embraced traditional technique such as quilting and patchwork, but incorporating it to her contemporary read to wear pieces. Copenhagen has a rich design history, and Bahnsen really embraces that into her pieces.  I read a Quote by her in an recent interview

“It’s OK for women to express their femininity in all sorts of ways. Being ‘girly’ or wearing ruffles and bows doesn’t mean you’re frivolous or unsophisticated. Quite the opposite – it shows strong personality and kind of feminine power. I think you can combine girlishness with gravitas to create something really elegant.”

Cecile Bahnsen has carved her name now into the industry, keeping her authenticity, and style. Embracing the delicacy of women and there fragility. Her signature silhouette is recognisable with in an instant. Cecilie Bahnsen’s Sping/Summer 2019 collection showcase a childlike innocence, with soft draping, and rounded edges. Her use of peplums, and puffed sleeves gave a dream like state to the collection. She stayed away from velvets, dark colours and too much texture this season, and it has truly worked a dream. The palette of the collection ties it all in together beautifully. Maintaining a feminine style, and not following the current trend that ugly is the new Chic.