Marchesa Casati, an Italian heiress, with a wardrobe so extravagant and decadent she is the perfect muse to inspire any talented designer. Known for wearing live snakes as jewellery and walking 2 pet cheetahs, this possibilities of creativity are endless. When announced the show would take place at Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris, including renowned Models, Astrid Munoz and Eva Herzigova, this show was not going to be anything of the ordinary.

This collection has been imprinted in my mind. 20 years ago it was created and has influenced so many pieces since. Poetic, alluring and extravagant, featuring mink fur trimmed coats, cinched waists inspired form the 20th century, and stunning silhouettes adding too all things sensual and desirable as a women. The combination, of simple silhouettes and large hoop skirts, created a diverse collection. I cant go without speaking of the tailoring, edwardian inspired buttoned fronts, draped skirts with flamboyant hats. It feels like stepping back in time into a contemporary world. The combination of old and past meeting at the Marble sets of the Opera Garnier was a spectacle going above just a fashion show.

The start, showcasing simple and elegant pieces to then, garish and embellished pieces worked wonders. The hats, a spectacle in their own right, completed each look with draped chiffon intertwined with floral pieces. The detail in the cloth and skill all inspired by Art-nouveau, created a rich and textured line which all lead to the final piece. Worn by model Debbie Dietering, a Marie Antoinette inspired Dress. Large ruffles, and bell shaped skirt with an accentuated waist, followed by an exorbitant train covered in individually sewn yellow butterflies. A big focus of this collection  in my opinion, was how each outfit, was not revealing or overly provocative. But, made each women the definition of sensual, glamorous and absolutely beautiful.