A huge emphasis on this blog is that lets not rush and enjoy designs and fashion that is past, present and future. Hence my first choice. For my First blog My favourite designer and collection is from Vera Wangs Spring 2018 collection Shot by Lorenz Schmidl.

The Combination of tailoring and the modern world has been created effortlessly, but unfamiliar. It is a new creation that demonstrates a chic and interesting silhouette. The added touch of the accessories completes the looks with such elegance and regal statue. This is a classic example of how their is a reoccurring cycle influenced by vintage eras, but, creating something refreshingly original. I have been a huge admirer of Vera Wangs work so to start with her seemed only natural. The texture that is created within each piece transcends her identity as a true artist, enhancing a womans unique qualities. Vera Wangs Bridal wear has stamped the fashion world and has a huge reputation as a result. To see her skill combined with tailoring and therefore creating a slightly androgynous but regal look is extremely exciting. The colour scheme as well makes the looks subtle but bold because of the construction and composition. One to remember.




Mens 2019 spring collections have come and gone offering a wide spectrum of completely different looks. Qasimi was a stand out catwalk. Combining all that an entire wardrobe should have. Layers, combined with tailored pieces, oversized but remaining a sleek romantic silhouette. Shades of beige with a pop of colour, creating a refreshing new style.

You can see his influence of travel woven into his pieces. Its effortless but refined. Khalid Qasimi says his collection is “staples for the constant traveler”. Well, being a traveler in these outfits, you would be able to create your own runway throughout Europe.

His knit pieces where in there own right a stand out piece. Oversized, and dropped shoulders, but still keeping a shape that gives of such luxury when one would wear it. This is the sort of fashion I admire and love as inspiration. Keeping it modern but still being influenced by Sleek tailoring that will work in all environments. A refreshing change to the constant lines of street wear.




Tommy Ton has been known through the fashion world for his photography and input to street style. But he has now made the transition from style to design and now is artistic creator of the American Brand Deaveux. Not a name I was highly familiar with but after seeing there winter fall collection I am in love. From top to bottom, each look works in perfect harmony. A lose fit outfit you could wear everyday. Pieces I would happily live in. Partly inspired by realising that women often preferred to wear there boyfriends or husbands jacket.

The draped robe style jacket fit this brief perfectly. Showcasing the hidden detail in the trousers and large slouchy pockets to complete this effortlessly chilled look. With rich textures and layering each look compliments the next. This style is right up my street and would wear every outfit religiously.