Thought……… previous generations have provided a legacy within Fashion, Music, Style and so much more. I fear our generation will fail to deliver such a legacy. My generation is about the instant and has slipped into a world where we potentially lack the importance of delayed gratification. Which may impact on our creative world. A huge culprit is the fashion industry. Producing on such a scale that in the long term, we have to ask, what will be our generation’s clothing legacy? I doubt High street fashion will be popping up in vintage shops in 20 years time. Fashion weaves its way through every single person’s day to day life, and is global nonverbal language. However, this current production line makes everything instantly disposable. Today our lives seem to flash by as we are caught up in this Compulsive hamster wheel. Losing the importance of just being. As humans we are all about the senses, but in our virtual and disposable world my question is are we losing site of how important they are to us. Clothes are bought, worn a few times, if that, and so often fall apart and then forgotten. Is this what our generation will be connected too? The instant and forgettable?

Talking is like breathing to me so I am going to put the numerous words I say into a blog, and hopefully offer a different perspective on the world of fashion. I am very black and white with my personal choices, I know what I like and what I don’t like and never been one to follow popular demands. Being said, I do not ignore other opinions. Being able to discuss and exchange in thought with others leads to the creation of a vibrant culture. After training for the past few years as a bespoke tailor I want to share my knowledge and experience within such a niche creative industry, which has lead to a new appreciation and better understanding of the craft.

Style and how you dress is an extension of yourself. Every garment you put on is a definite choice. You should never judge a book by its cover but it’s hard not to when every single piece of clothing is different, and it is your choice of what you put on every day. With so much choice, you would think it would be hard for any one person to look the same, but that is not the case. High street shops have many benefits, but it saddens me when I realise that none of this will last. It is easy and accessible, and some pieces look fantastic, but how does every piece add something to your wardrobe? How can the cost be so low, will it lose its shape, or rip or lose colour?

I put my hands up, I spent my adolescent years sucked in to following new trends, styles and the ‘must have’ pieces. I was conflicted between what was the seemingly now and edgy and trendy, and the choice of actually ‘I love this dress or top, I am going to wear this today’. I went through various looks, some I would rather forget, but it helped me to reach a style I love, to feel what fashions excite me and of course understand what is important to me. I don’t wear the most conventional things and while I was experimenting I was mocked by friends, so I know it is hard to be confident and embrace a style that people find different. Now I own my style with confidence and none of my friends ever question my choices. I am all for vintage shopping and uncovering hidden gems. My mother’s wardrobe has become a particularly favourite shopping destination for me. She is a clothes hoarder and her wardrobe has lasted a long time. Being able to share her unique clothes with me from her youth gives the clothes a lot more sentimental value and saves me a few pennies! However, sadly she is a lot shorter than me which can be a challenge when trying to fit in to some vintage velvet black flares!

As you can read, this is a snippet of the topics I want to discuss, and share with my readers. I am by no means slating and undermining the fashion industry, as without it my life would be very dull. This years Fashion weeks, have displayed that there is still beautiful Haute couture created, but what I am addressing is that it is not appreciated for long enough. Furthermore, the ateliers perhaps don’t receive the recognition they deserve and the hours that were put into every small detail. That perhaps the initial craftsmanship has become devalued. In this process we may be losing in a world of instant mass consumption, a unique reflection of what Fashion was for a man and for a women. From time to time I will also incorporate elements of my career as it progresses. My blog will be a pick n mix of things sweet and sour from fashion to travel and lots and lots of food that will stimulate a thought in everyone.