So… Yes, I wonderfully failed as a blogger last year. Who knew writing your thoughts and feelings to paper (well keyboard) would be such a millennial challenge, especially as those who know me, know I never don’t have anything to say. Majority of the time its a random scrabble board amalgamated together to form some sort of comical sentence, creating amusement and beguile from the brain that is inside my head. Which lately I am wondering is incarcerated in a steel metal cage. Recent occurrences are suggesting this may be so.

Moving on from my fail and wolverine traits. I have to commend those who have come before me and done a marvellous job, setting the path of the blogging world. I will put my hands up, I thought it be a breeze, a nice little side line job. But no, this is just not so.

I have, over the last few months, had time to do the blogging life. Last year, I had a terrible situation of living on the small Private Island Mustique for 6 weeks… insufferable, I am sure you are all thinking, and thus probably could have written a short story, maybe even a rivalling novel to Jilly Cooper. But for some reason I just didn’t. I wrote sample pieces, new articles but none I posted. None where my voice and I just avoided it. So, I am going to start more or less from scratch. So here I go again, second attempt at gifting the world with my words, or amusement. We shall see in due course.

January has been sadly cursed with the title of the Blues Month. Which seems highly unfair, poor January. This month shall not be BLUE! But shall be Red! Red with the warm blood of youth running through each of our veins! This month is all about the future you, new goals and ambitions. Everyones a bit glum, a bit broke and a bit porky, but this does not mean January should be dragged along with this gloom and doom slogan.

We are given the chance to start another year whatever way you want. Im not here to be a motivational speaker, or spark the fire in you that will make you thrive to success. Im just sharing my experiences from this time last year.

January 2018, I decided to trial run my dads obsession with the laws of attraction. Now this is a secret, but I’m willing to share (mostly because I know at this moment in time I have two maybe three readers). Last year, I wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve. Printed them off and shoved them in a draw. After a few months I had achieved around half of them. What is this witchcraft I have discovered may you say! No witchcraft, merely discovering that you are, As William Henley said ‘I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul’. Now, I am starting happier than I was last year, and more ambitious.

So instead of constantly saying your broke this month. Take it as a positive. Instead of, ‘ah I’m broke I cant afford to go out’. Stop yourself. Reflect, embrace circumstances. Say, ‘hey I’m going to stay in because I want to cook more’, or ‘I’m going to do something positively different, pick up knitting……..’

hahaha I’m actually going to call myself out on that bullshit. We are all a little broke, so lets be broke together but shut up about it. Don’t let it dwindle the start to a wonderful 2019 and planning all the things you want to achieve. The laws of attraction are a wonderful tool, so start using them.