As its January, everyone is on that health kick. Summer bodies are made in the winter apparently, so time to shed the last mince pie and create the new you. I too am on this band wagon, tried pescatarian, managed 10days. Smashed it. Plus being a bit shy with money, eating out has been limited.

So, I shall write about a restaurant I discovered last year. A secret little gem in the heart of Mayfair, sat on the corner of 10 Paddington Street. OPSO. This intimate dinning room is a place to tantalise your tastebuds. You can never have to much Greek Food, but, when you think of Greek food, your mind goes to hearty, homely delicious cooking. OPSO has taken the delicious flavours of Greece, and created an innovative, refined and elegant menu. Do not eat prior because there menu is full to the brim, and you will want and need to try everything.

Large lashings of delectable dips, with delicious fresh baked pitta. Amazing pork Souvlaki wraps, moussaka with frites and then of course a traditional spinach and feta pie. Your drooling right now Im sure.

The food is presented on small plates, and is a long the style of tapas. We all know Tapas, does not count as a full meal. But order the right dishes and you will be incredibly satisfied. Meaning, all of them.

The dessert. Now Im not one to brag, but, I make a grand old Apple crumble, mummas training did me good. So naturally, I feel very unsettled when I try someone else’s. Yes, this is not greek, but I went for it…….. I can honestly say, the best leap Ive ever made. It is one of the best apple crumbles I have ever had, served with a scoop of caramel Ice cream, it is the dream team of combinations. Try your best to save some space in your belly for the grand finale. Safe to say I had a very good night sleep after.