Coming form the buzzing scene that is London with its countless bars and pubs, it was a change when realising the fewer choices you have while staying on the Island. You become regulars and the service is impeccable. Knowing your exact choice of liquor, and amusing conversations. Its easy to pass the time at these individual watering wholes. The cotton house has its prize beach bar. Offering lunch everyday and Dinner a few times during the week. The beach bar is a classic style, perfect for sunbathing and sipping on fruity cocktails and local beer.

When seeing there was a happy hour on a friday, I knew that was my scene. The crowd, not so youthful, but the staff made it worth coming for. The staff where more than welcoming and went to the extent of making my own off the menu cocktail, lethal and delicious… I went through several. Perhaps this was my start of getting a naughty reputation on the Island.

Lucky for me, my main concern while scooting home was running over the islands most endearing neighbours, a tortoise. Whether I did or not…… Id rather forget. Friday at the beach bar welcomes all the home owners and everyone knows everyone, it is a true community. What adds to a great night, the restaurant is open accompanying your cocktails delicious, freshly baked plantain crisps then the option of dinner. Fresh stone baked pizzas which you can also get half price. A win win situation. Basils Bar is known for there amazing Rum Punch, but the Cotton house do a good rival too.

As we are close to St Vincent, most workers are vincenson, and welcomed me, Edoardo and Jess into there lives and how they live. Drinking like one however, probably more accurate to say I attempted, and very badly. Who needs water when you can have rum. Bottles drunk everyday without no effect. So after much deliberation, I decided to see what the fuss was about and try there most famous rum, Sunset Rum. Warning, this is not for anyone who has not grown up in the Caribbean. At 85.7% one sniff and you hit the floor, it was an experience that my tastebuds wont forget. I was tempted to bring a bottle back to England, but then being told I would not be allowed to take it as its so highly flammable it could make the plane explode so I thought, hmmmm better not.

P.S if you go to Basils for a drink or anywhere in St Vincent ask for a hurricane David and let me know how you get on.